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Turban Inspired Headband


In search for easy beginners tutorials on youtube I came across this cool tutorial from the Crafty Gemini for a turban inspired headband. Since I am gemini as well, I found it fitting ;) I watched it a couple of times and then got this pretty jersey fabric at my local fabric store with pretty polka dots. 

I also got myself this pretty pink cutting mat, my cat thought it was a new mat for her and was very happy with it. But noooooo I need it to rotary cut my stripes for the headband.

When you buy fabric, the minimum size you can buy is 30cm. The width on the fabric roll is about 150cm so I had enough fabric for 2 headbands and making errors. 

I watched the video but I think I didn´t fold my fabric enough to measure the 20" (31cm) she talks about in the video for the length and the 5" for the width. So first I made a doll headband ;) then I had enough fabric to make two "grown up"´s headbands. I guess the length of each piece has to be around 70cm, you can later always try it on and sew again and trim as long as it fits well. 

Doll/Baby Headband

I took some pictures along the way

Cut the pieces of fabric with your rotary cutter or scissors, 
fold them on the long side and pin together
Sizes are about 13cm wide and 70cm long. Fold your fabric and cut one long stripe, then divide that one in two pieces. Most fabrics come with a width around 150cm

To the sewing machine, sew them with a zik zak or a straigth stich, I found straight stich to be better and did that on the "grown up" headbands

After you have ironed your seams down, with them in the center of your headband, use a safety pin to turn your tubes inside out

One is turned, now the other one

seams facing build a t / cross 

fold the A's together and the B's. Make sure the seams are kissing eachother

Now you sew the four ends of 2 A´s and 2 B´s together and your headband is finished. Be careful that they are all well lined up

you can trim your extra fabric afterwards with a scissor. Try it on and if it is too wide you can sew it again and repeat untill it fits you perfectly


You just finished your first headband

This is also a great project to use up some of your left over fabric, recycle some old T-shirts etc.

For the great video instructions click on this video from the Crafty Gemini

Link Party Tuesday at Creadienstag and art.of.66

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