Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2014

Sleeping mask

This sleeping mask was really easy to make, even for a beginner as myself. The curvy sewing part was a bit tricky though, but it really looks good and is super comfy to wear.

First I went to the store and bought some satin and some battin to put inside, and I went with this super elastic strap, that can also be used for skirts and pants. It is super flat and you will not notice it on the back of your head while sleeping. 

I took an old sleeping mask to make the pattern, added 1cm around for seam allowance. You will need to measure the head circumstance from the top of one ear to the next, when you stretch it it should fit around the whole head. 

Once cut out, your pieces should look similar to these on the picture. There is a great picture tutorial over at  sew 4 home, where this picture was taken from.

I looked at this page, as well as at this video before I startet. The video is in German. But is easy to follow. The big sister is teaching her younger brother to sew, and this is the first time he is sewing I think, making this sleeping mask for his little girl, what makes it kinda cute to watch.

I think preperation is everything and ironing your fabric before cutting and sewing. It did take me less than an hour to do. 

At last a picture taken a bit more from the side, so you can see the strap. The last part of the mask is hand sewn, it is the opening you need to be able to turn it inside out after you finished sewing it around.

I found this great video tutorial on how to sew curves

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