Montag, 27. Januar 2014

First Project - Crochet Purse with lining and zipper with a touch of vintage

One of the main reasons I had for wanting a sewing machine was to be able to combine my crochet with sewing. This is my first project. After having finished the crochet part, I picked a pretty pink fabric with white dots, I also had some crochet border I used to pretty it up, well mostly to hide my stiches, since I used a white thread instead of a black one to attach the zipper ;) But this gives the purse a vintage look. Since it was all black on the outside, I thought I need to pep it up a bit, and did so by adding a filled crochet heart to the zipper.

Making of, first the lining, then attatching the zipper, making the crochet bag and attaching it to the zipperlining. I used a sharp crochet hook and a sewing needle.

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